If almost every month a new gadget let us stunned, this time it’s about Bubl, a video camera that records interactive content.


The ball above is an incredible gadget. Through a system of 4 cameras with higher visual field can capture panoramic interactive video content similar to what Google Street View does in a static mode. This is the first camera of its kind ever created and although there are some models that can capture content at 360 degrees, Bubl is shooting in all directions, and the result is not static.

This device is advertised as giving you a complete view of the world. It is a concept so different from what is already on the market that even the position in which the cameras are arranged involves a patent with an unusual name, “tetrahedral layout“. Static captures can be made, not only movies with the same degree of interactivity. Videos can be in two formats, 1080p with 15 FPS and 720p with 30 FPS. Because we are talking about an unusual photo/video content format, from the start there will be applications for iOS, Android or PC on which you can use to play the recorded material with Bubl.


Last but not least, the gadget includes a WiFi module that you can take to make real-time streaming from Bubl on the iPad, for example. In addition, recorded content can be automatically uploaded on Dropbox, Google Drive or Younity.

The price for such a camera will be 383 dollars when it will be officially launched in … May 2014.

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