The new Apple phones iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C achieved impressive sales figures in the first three days of availability, even if the numbers are misleading if you compare them with those achieved in the past years and regional availability was higher. According to further analysis, the new iPhone 5C does not impress too much, and rumors from various sources say that Apple has already reduced its production.


Last week, the Wall Street Journal and Reuters quoted anonymous sources close to Apple partners who stated that the manufacturer has already reduced the number of ordered iPhone 5C devices and NPD DisplaySearch says the same thing. According to sources quoted by the market analysis agency, Apple asked its partners Foxconn and Pegatron to reduce the iPhone 5C production with 35 percent, a sign that market interest for the new iPhone 5 wrapped in a polycarbonate housing is less than anticipated and that the idea of ​​using this model as a popular base product, while 5S should have remained a top model but has not really paid off.

This reception is disappointing but not dramatic for Apple because, beyond the disappointment of market strategies which didn’t came to fruition, the company receives requests to increase the 5S model. If for iPhone 5C was requested a decline in production, the iPhone 5S was requested an increase of 75 per cent, and this will be reflected in a higher profit margin for Apple.

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