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Well, it seems that the customers have voted with their pockets and the iPhone 5S has managed to outsell the iPhonr 5C two to one.

This is despite the reported security issues surrounding the release of the iPhone 5S, and the reported production problems with developing the fingerprint scanners for the 5S.

Cnet reports that “During September, the iPhone 5S accounted for 64 percent of all Apple smartphone sales, easily topping the iPhone 5C‘s 27 percent share, according to data obtained by All Things Digital from research firm Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP). Just 9 percent of customers bought the iPhone 4S last month.”

Analysts have noted that the iPhone 5S has shifted 9 million units in it’s first three days of sales which is impressive by any stretch of the imagination. Especially when you think that in 2008 the iPhone was expected to sell just over 40 million in an entire year.

However, while the initial sales of the iPhone 5S are impressive, it is highly unlikely that iPhone 5S sales will stay at this artificially high level for the rest of the year. Traditionally there is a massive buzz for people to get their hands on the latest and greatest iPhone, with sales then typically dropping back to normal levels after the initial launch period.

While iPhone 5S sales have been impressive, the iPhone 5C demand has been lower than expected with production of the 5C expected to drop 10% before the winter holidays.

So overall, this is mixed news for Apple, the 5S has been received with a very welcome reception, however the 5C less so.

With the iPad Mini 2 expected to be released ahead of the Holiday period, these are very interesting times for Apple.

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Sources: Cnet, Trusted Reviews

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